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“Solar system owners can easily lengthen the lifetime of their batteries and maximize their solar output by following some very easy guidelines. It is all about battery settings, proper maintenance and choice of appliances.”

7 things you must know when living on solar power

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  1. We design the right solution for your needs
  2. We install turnkey solutions – no worry, no hassle
  3. We monitor your system from a distance, and you can do too
  4. We listen to you, not argue with you
  5. We service your system, so you’ll run at peak efficiency, all year through
And you?  You’ll enjoy, and celebrate the fact that you are now saving money thanks to solar!  Read more 

Monitor your solar system wherever you are.

Do you want to know what your solar panels are doing? With our easy to use tools you can monitor your system performance on your computer, tablet or phone. Wherever, whenever. 
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Solar Monitoring

Find out how Solar can help you! 

 Our helpful solar consultants are standing by to check how solar can save you money. Or maybe a power backup system is the best solution for your problem? It only takes one phone call to find out !
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Is solar a good option for me? How much can I save? Which system is best for me?

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